Litigation Support

Data Analysis & Forensic Accounting: Have a case that involves complex data, requires the reconstruction of cash flows, billings, transactions, time sheets or timelines? HBS can put the pieces together and reconstruct reality in a comprehensive, coherent format. Our services are especially helpful when the data is overwhelming, scattered and/or disjointed… but you know it can reveal a compelling truth to support your client’s position.

Complex Tax Services: Dealing with an estate and discover the decedent lived in several states, had multiple income streams and investments but hadn’t filed tax returns for a number of years? HBS can reconstruct income, deductions, and credits to properly complete the returns. Have a client who has a less-than-desirable accounting department and is in the middle of an audit or tax dispute? HBS can help.

Bankruptcy & Business Turn-Around: Trustee of a failing business in a viable market? Need a management overhaul, revamped business systems, or debt restructured to ensure repayment without strangling potential growth? The same skills that allow HBS to reconstruct past reality enables us to predict the future impact of strategic decisions with remarkable accuracy.

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